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स्वच्छभारताभियानम् ( Sanskrit Essay on Swacch Bharat Abhiyan )

स्वच्छभारताभियानम्  इत्याख्यं महाभियानं भारतगणराज्यस्य प्रधानमन्त्रिणा नरेन्द्र मोदी-महाभागेन उद्घोषितम्  २०१४ तमस्य वर्षस्य अप्रैल-मासस्य द्वितीये दिनाङ्के स्वच्छभारताभियानस्य आरम्भः अभवत् । 

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  1. It is October not April and not all bahadur Shastri it's mahatma Gandhi

    1. What's your problem man he has given so good easy and your removing mistakes

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  8. अत्युत्कृष्टः निबंधः ।

  9. inaccurate but nice just make the sentences shorter

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  17. All the essays are very good and it helped me a lot but one thing which i would like to suggest is - please give translation in hindi so that we can understand these essays more easily and will become interesting to read ...

  18. i want some more detail on swach bharat in sanskrirt

  19. wikipedia is having same informstion

  20. i want an essay about swach bharath in 1000 words by tommorow


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